Suspension Powder Fertilizer

100% Natural Plant Nutrition and Guard Together

It is a combination of macro and micro nutrients. Enough nitrogen and phosphorus provide more potassium. It contains trace elements.

It contributes to a more aromatic, larger and more delicious, fragrant and healthy growth of the product during the generative period. In the acid-oil balance on the product, it increases the oil ratio and reduces the acid ratio.

In products with seeds, it contributes to the hardening of the core.

It contributes to the adjustment of the water potential, the creation and transportation of carbohydrates. Apart from these, it helps the conversion of amino acids to proteins.

It extends the storage time and shelf life.

With the very tiny micronised siliceous clay minerals in the mixture, a natural coating is provided to the plant. Thus, the plant is protected from sudden climatic changes, harmful insects, insects and flies. It also increases resistance to fungi and diseases. Yield increases quantitatively.

Guaranteed content (% w / w)

  • Total Nitrogen (N)   9
    • Urea Nitrogen (NH2)   6
    • Ammonium Nitrogen (NH4)   3
  • Water soluble Phosphorus (P2O5)   6
  • Water soluble Potassium (K2O) 12
  • Water soluble Zinc (Zn)   1,8
  • Water soluble Iron (Fe)   1,4
  • Siliceous clay minerals 50