Ferturo Sup Organic Base Fertilizer and Soil Conditioners 

While the rate of organic matter was 13% in the first formation of the world, it is now down to 2% in many places. When you use Diamix organic base fertilizer, it regulates the soil and increases its viability while feeding the plants planted at that time. Each year, the yield and fertility increases compared to the previous year.

Ferturo Sup Organic Base Fertilizer has a minimum organic content of 60%. It is 100% natural. Clay minerals, early stage coal minerals such as leonardite, animal and plant wastes, long-term R & D and field studies are obtained by mixing the ideal proportions.

We have two varieties according to the hardness and acidic (Ph) degree of soil to be used. In addition, according to the analysis of your soil (we recommend making samples from 90cm, 180cm and 270 cm depth) we do special production. Soil pH is one of the basic conditions for when and how the plant will absorb the elements in the fertilizer.

For high efficiency, we recommend the use of 60 kg / acre.

Instead of using chemical, poisonous and other ordinary fertilizers containing soil filling material, instead of using them defeat, sufficient amount is 40 kg / acre.


It is enough to use SINGLE TIME and SINGLE TYPE. The results will be excellent.

Save up to 50% of your total base fertilization budget.