Ferturo Clay Organic Agriculture Protectors and Supplements 

As in all fields, science is fundamental in agriculture. Agricultural preservatives and agricultural supplements that we have developed with new technologies without sacrificing health and nature protection are indispensable for the farmers. The technology is new, but the main raw materials we use are miraculous materials that have been created by nature for so long. Not only in agriculture, animal husbandry, medicine and cosmetics began to be used effectively.

With Ferturo Clay agricultural protectors, we reduce the number of visits to the vineyard, kaleyard, garden and field. According to the aim, total maintenance is completed in two, three or four visits. It doesn’t get washed away with a rain, the effect lasts for months. 100% organic. Contains no harmful substances. Not only does it increase the harvest of the current year, it also improves the fruit eyes of the next year’s harvest.

Here are the benefits of our Ferturo agricultural protectors:

  1. Protects from weather conditions.. Protects from sun damage, heat stress, water stress. It protects against cold, dew, frost and frezee. Doesn’t fall into the illusions of late spring, early autumn.
  2. Protects against diseases.Protects against bacterial, fungal and viral diseases. Act as a barrier against root collar diseases
  3. We are not welcoming guests. We prevent their camouflage, they can’t mate, they can’t leave larvae, they can’t suck, they can’t drink water. Solution is leaving the environment for them, we get rid of the their damages.