Who are We?

Nature is generous, soil fertile, variety unlimited. We help those who want to grow products that are completely natural, whose chemistry is not tampered with and which are not blended with poisons. We respect every living being’s right to life. We are aware that health is more valuable than anything. Technology and science are our true guides. We started the project as a few engineer friends, now we are a big family. We mix minerals, elements that nature has created over millions of years, with a number of other materials that are original in nature. While contributing to organic production, we also contribute to recycling.

We are the agronomists who try to understand the properties of the soil and how the soil interacts with the growing crop; what nutrients (fertilizers) the crop needs and when and how to apply these nutrients; the ways that crops grow and develop; how climate and other environmental factors affect the crop at all stages; and how best to control weeds, insects, fungi, and other crop pests.


Good tea is made with good water. Good product can be produced in good soil. Good people don’t treat land badly. As Aşık Veysel says, we are breaking the bosom of our loyal friend and giving a seed. He’s so generous, he’s giving us dozens. What we have to do is to take good care of our soil, prevent it from becoming wasteland and neutralize acid balance.

With 25 years of knowledge, we are a candidate to become a global brand in agronomy. We seek quantitative leadership by far. We rely on the results of our valuable argonomists who continue to work within our organization. We are open to business partnerships. Try our products once, we want to maintain our uninterrupted line that you will never give up.